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W-4′s and W-9s

Make sure you have a W-9 on file with a legible number for every vendor you receive goods and/or services from – you’ll save time and frustration come the following January! If you haven’t done so already, make this the year you institute a policy that no vendor will be paid until you have a W-9 on file. Go through your existing vendors, too, to ensure you have accurate information. Has anything changed? Are they now a corporation? Did they close down a corporation and revert to a partnership or sole proprietorship? These things happen! If you have employees, keep up to date on correct addresses to avoid problems when W-2′s are issued each January. Have employees confirm deductions, address, and SSN are correct each year.



                                   QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

                                   As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we are provided with the software,  support,                                                information and resources necessary to give outstanding service and
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Bookkeeping Fraud Red Flags
Your bookkeeper:

  • appears to have a lifestyle inconsistent with income
  • refuses to take time off or go on vacation; if on site takes minimal breaks during the day and tends to come in early and stay late
  • often suggests giving check signature authority will make it easier for you
  • doesn’t mind “saving you time” (or other department employees’ time) by always picking up the mail (so they can check it first) and handling all contact with your banks, accountant, vendors, etc.
  • strongly urges you to “save money” by letting them handle the work your accountant now does
  • difficulty finding files, deposit records, invoices/estimates, etc. when asked
  • always says “everything is fine” and is very “protective” of their job, claiming they do not need help no matter how busy
  • becomes flustered when you unexpectedly appear in the office
  • becomes defensive whenever you or your accountant ask questions
  • tells you the bank statement has been reconciled but does not provide the statement and reconciliation for your review

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Account Management