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Account Management

Billing, Deposit, and Lockbox Services
All business owners need cash flow. For busy owners providing good service often means the day’s billing is left to the end of the day, when they are the most tired, more apt to make errors, and would rather be getting a good night’s sleep so they can face the next day's challenges.

Standard or seasonal billing service for those months when business is exceptionally busy is as easy as picking up the phone or preferably sending a fax or email. Invoices are routinely prepared and mailed within 24 hours of receipt. Aging reports are provided monthly and statements mailed to overdue accounts.

Receiving the check is great, but it doesn’t help your cash flow until the check has cleared and the money is in the bank. If you spend most of your time on the road or job site, checks may often accumulate in your vehicle or on your desk and you aren’t making deposits as often as you should. ALPICE Bookkeeping can not only handle your billing but receive and record payments from your clients and then make deposits for you. Confirmation of deposit, along with a deposit summary indicating what clients have paid, will be either emailed or faxed to you.

Clients utilizing our no charge lockbox service never even see the checks as your invoices reflect our lockbox address instead of your actual business address. ALPICE Bookkeeping will pick up your mail at the lockbox, process checks received, and then deposit those payments into your account while you’re busy focusing on your business.

Incoming bills from your vendors may also be sent to the lockbox address. Upon receipt, using the procedure you have authorized they will be reviewed and payment processed if you have pre-approved payment (clients often authorize automatic payment of routine expenses such as utility bills) pr provided to you for review and approval before checks are prepared.

                                   QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

                                   As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we are provided with the software,  support,                                                information and resources necessary to give outstanding service and
support to our QuickBooks and small business clients.



For both your protection and ours, ALPICE Bookkeeping Inc. is bonded and insured. We do not offer or provide legal or tax advise.