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Account Management


The following is a partial list of typical business activities and the minimum compliance required


Accept checks and:

  • Keep them in an unlocked sales register, desk drawer, or other location prior to deposit?
  • Make copies of each check?

            -  Is the copy kept in the client’s folder?

            - Is the copy kept as backup to a deposit and kept in a bank?

AT A MINIMUM you need to keep register, drawer, etc. locked when not in use. 
Regardless of where the copy is kept, the file must be kept in a secure location when not in use.

Accept debit or credit cards and:
Your merchant receipt or batch printout includes the full card number
Numbers are maintained:

  • in a paper file
  • electronically (i.e. accounting software)

AT A MINIMUM Keep in a secure location.
Use strong password protection on any document containing Personal information.

Have employees?  Use subcontractors or day laborers for which you issue 1099s?

Keep payroll data (W4s, payroll reports) and W9s as well as copies of distributed 1099s in a secure location. Transmit personal information via

  • email  Encrypt email and/or attachments sent over a public network. Many companies now provide PI information via a secure website.
  • fax  Whenever possible do not send faxes containing personal information. If unavoidable at a minimum include a disclosure statement.

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