For both your protection and ours, ALPICE Bookkeeping Inc. is bonded and insured. We do not offer or provide legal or tax advise.

Assets? Liabilities? Business owners understand what income is and how expenses affect their bottom line, but for many it gets a little murky after that. Let's face it... your first priority is providing a good product or superb service that will generate income and help you reach your financial goals. Understanding how to read your financials is often low on your personal totem pole. ALPICE Bookkeeping understands if the money is coming in and the expenses are being paid that's your first concern, but knowing where it's coming from and how it is being spent is just as important, sometimes even more so.

If bookkeeping isn't your area of expertise, outsourcing to ALPICE Bookkeeping can be one of the best moves you'll make and, as a bonus, your business will save by not having to interview, hire, train, and pay employee wages and benefits or create office space for that employee and purchase equipment and supplies for their use. Instead, you'll pay only for the work you have hired ALPICE Bookkeeping to do on your behalf.

Our services are primarily geared to condominium associations and small/home businesses; personal money management services are also available. Busy individuals, or those who have difficulty managing their personal finances for whatever reason, will find ALPICE Bookkeeping can provide them with financial peace of mind.

Just like you, I've worked hard to build my business. Many of the services I offer are in large part the result of listening to my clients and responding to their needs. Most importantly, confidentiality is the key to our success. We respect our client's privacy and do not publicize the names of our clients.

Have I peaked your interest? I encourage you to take a few moments to learn how I can help you, too. Look over the brief outline of the services offered at the right, follow the links for more details, or give me a call. I look forward to talking to you and discussing how ALPICE Bookkeeping can assist your business.

"Good bookkeeping is particularly important to small businesses, ​since they can rarely afford to waste money." 

Small Business Encyclopedia: Bookkeeping

                                   QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

                                   As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we are provided with the software,  support,                                                information and resources necessary to give outstanding service and
support to our QuickBooks and small business clients.


Asset $ Liability $ Proprietorship $ Income $ Cost $ Expense

Account Management


We offer a variety of services including:

Account Management

ALPICE Bookkeeping specializes in providing account management services for small/home businesses and condominium/home owner associations.

Virtual & On-Site Bookkeeping

Business owners need to know more than their checkbook balance. We can provide bookkeeping services off-site (virtually) or at your location that will give you an up-to-date picture of your business balances and finances.

QuickBooks® Set Up, Conversion, & Training

We offer QuickBooks® set up for new businesses or businesses transferring data from a manual system and conversion from other software programs. 

Billing, Deposit, & Lockbox Services

All business owners need cash flow. Are you doing your billing at night and running out to make bank deposits before your work day begins? We have a solution!

Financial Policies & Procedures Consulting

Many companies have chosen to implement P&P programs. We can assist in the creation and implementation of new policies or the review and modification of existing policies.

Personal Money Management

We offer personal financial services for individuals including busy people wanting to ensure their bills are paid on time, seniors or disabled individuals who wish to maintain their independence but having difficulty managing personal finances, estate personal representatives, and credit-challenged individuals striving to rebuild their credit.